Considering professional drug and alcohol rehabilitation can influence many questions or anxieties. This unfamiliar territory, decision, step is exciting, yet daunting, especially when considering long-term recovery results and the idea of sober living.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Midlands East

However, to benefit from rehab and its offering, you must try your hardest to overcome those anxieties, by focusing on the good you can achieve via drug and alcohol rehab.

One of the most proactive ways you can do this is by understanding rehab and its expectations. Here you will have a clear representation of your impending rehabilitation process, offering reassurance, while preparing you on physical and psychological levels.

By doing so, you’ll soon have the capabilities to welcome a fitting drug and alcohol rehab in Midlands East, providing convenience and recovery potentials. At Asana Lodge, we can offer this exact combination, yet we offer even greater reliability through our unique approach to rehab.

See our most commonly asked questions below regarding drug and alcohol rehabilitation. If you have any questions, hindering the commencement of rehab, reach out today.

Preparation is key, helping you truly experience drug and alcohol rehab for what it’s worth.


How will I know when I’m ready for Rehab?

Readiness is one of the hardest stages to gauge when considering drug and alcohol rehabilitation. This is down to a number of factors, from denial, to low confidence in personal capabilities. However, you will reach a point, a feeling, a desire to change your life around, without drugs and alcohol.

Although it may only be a small glimmer of hope, an indication of readiness carries great value. Once you can acknowledge that you have a problem with drugs and alcohol, and can accept professional support, this is an indication that you are slowly moving towards rehab.

However, to truly be ready for visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Midlands East, you must lock in those desires, where you’ll do whatever it takes to overcome your behavioural addiction.

To help you reach this point of readiness, research is key, which you are currently doing. Familiarising yourself with upcoming drug and alcohol rehabilitation processes will soon inspire the start of your recovery journey.


Can I pick a Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Midlands East?

Selecting a local rehab clinic is a strong prospect when considering long-term recovery. There are many benefits which can add value to your drug and alcohol rehabilitation experience. Convenience, comfort, and easier transitions are a few to mention.

However, by selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Midlands East, you must firstly ensure that the most fitting rehab clinic is chosen, and secondly, that residential rehab is offered. This will be the best way you can remain local while successfully rehabilitating from a drug and alcohol addiction.

By selecting a generalist rehab clinic, by hoping for outpatient care, remaining in the Midlands East can be challenging, for a number of reasons. From familiar triggers and drug and alcohol exposures, to low-quality and ineffective addiction treatment recommendations, this can jeopardise your recovery probabilities.

With this in mind, selecting a specialist rehab clinic will be recommended; exactly what we stand for here at Asana Lodge.


What is the Admission Process?

Our admission process is thorough yet efficient, helping you access our professional support as soon as possible. On your enquiry, we will firstly secure your readiness to experience rehab.

Our admissions team is compassionate and experienced to help you acknowledge your problems with drugs and alcohol, along with finding that glimmer of recovery hope.

From here, before the commencement of rehab, we will complete clinical assessments. Differentiating us from other drug and alcohol treatment centres, we complete assessments to secure evidence.

This evidence will identify the exact makeup of your addiction, providing our team with accuracy when recommending addiction treatments. Although our assessments are detailed, you’ll soon have a personal rehab programme to complete.

An admission date can soon be made, all arrangements to transport you to Towcester can be made, your initial steps towards drug and alcohol rehabilitation can be made. Here, your rehab programme will begin at our residential rehab, moving you towards long-term recovery with efficiency.


Should I withdraw from Drugs and Alcohol before Rehab?

At Asana Lodge, we highly discouraged the cold turkey approach many users take when considering independent drug and alcohol withdrawal. With this in mind, we urge you to leave detoxification for rehab, where medical assistance is provided.

It is however wise to avoid further drug and alcohol consumption, if possible, once you’ve decided to recover. Further substance abuse can change your mind, can delay your recovery, can hinder your entire intentions through drug and alcohol rehab.

As a result of this, we recommend that you try your hardest to time your enquiry, helping you avoid excessive drug and alcohol consumption. On your arrival, a detoxification process will soon be available, helping you safely and successfully withdraw from drugs and alcohol, under our care.


Should I change my life after Rehab?

Naturally, your life will change after visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Midlands East. You will reach the foundations of recovery, your associations to drugs and alcohol will change, your quality of life will increase.

However, it is important to remember that sober living is a long-term commitment. With this in mind, yes, you should adapt aspects of your life to reduce drug and alcohol relapse risks.

By following a healthy lifestyle, by removing yourself from familiar situations linked to drugs and alcohol, by changing your relationships, by finding a new hobby, by implementing coping strategies, you will have a strong chance at avoiding relapse.

Throughout residential rehab, you will be provided with tools to assist you with sober living. In tandem, aftercare will be available to you, helping you embrace a drug and alcohol-free life back in Midlands East. All of this support will contribute to helping you enjoy this adaptation, by removing yourself from drugs and alcohol.

At Asana Lodge, we hope that this breakdown has helped you see the benefits of visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Midlands East.

If you do however have further questions, we are here to support you through this difficult yet life-changing time.