There are many reasons why drugs and alcohol become addictive, craved and abused. The majority of those reasons fall within environmental, emotional, social and biological influences, standing as the causation of addiction.

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While a certain person, setting or social event may have motivated your first use of drugs and alcohol, while exposure to influential stimuli may continue your consumption, and while such stimuli may have triggered consumption to reach the point of a habitual behaviour, there’s a high chance that internal vulnerabilities will be present.

By vulnerabilities, we mean that those who turn to drugs and alcohol will usually be experiencing emotional or mental sensitivities.

Whether that’s mental health issues, low self-esteem, stress, pain or trauma, all can cause psychological vulnerabilities, which can increase the desirability of drugs and alcohol as coping strategies.

This will usually be down to the fact that drugs and alcohol relieve pain, offer highs, and provide a degree of escapism. While initially, the positives will be experienced to suppress internal vulnerabilities, drugs and alcohol themselves will cause even greater damages and issues.

Knowing the reason behind your habit is very important, to work through suitable addiction treatment services and relapse prevention planning.

We at Asana Lodge focus significantly on internal vulnerabilities and functionalities when promoting addiction and mental health recovery.

If you’re looking to visit a drug and alcohol rehab in Kings Lynn, our centre will be recommended, down to our holistic, maintainable approach to recovery.


Causations of addiction

An addiction can begin to develop at any given time, for any given reason. A single trigger, whether that’s exposure to drugs and alcohol, an emotion, a certain environment or an event can influence excessive consumption of addictive substances.

It is important to remember that being addicted to drugs and alcohol isn’t a choice. Consuming drugs and alcohol for most people will be seen as a way out from pain, as a coping strategy, as emotional support, or as a way to mask emotions.

However, through the positive feelings caused by drugs and alcohol, the role that they play can fuel the development process, all starting down to a single causation.

Causations are personal and most sensitive. They can be anything from influential individuals, to stressful environments, to pre-existing mental health issues, to a traumatic or life-changing event, and to drastic lifestyle changes.

Causations of addiction do commonly resemble the above, however, they can also be random, unidentifiable and unpredictable.

Alongside the motivation of a causation, there are usually internal vulnerabilities present, also contributing to the misuse of drugs and alcohol.

As we highlighted higher up, those vulnerabilities will usually be emotional or mental, however they can also be biological, down to genetical abnormalities. We must remember that some people are more likely to develop habitual behaviours, over others, down to nature and nurture.

While causations can differ, it is however vital to remember that rehab will be on offer for all individuals suffering from addiction. By considering a drug and alcohol rehab in Kings Lynn, you can access a personal programme here at Asana Lodge.


Recovering via a drug and alcohol rehab in Kings Lynn

The best possible way to overcome an addiction will be to visit a drug and alcohol rehab clinic. While other routes may seem easier or may carry less commitment, by considering the above, it’s easy to see how complex and ingrained an addiction can be.

Through physical and psychological attachments, consistent and intense streams of addiction treatment and recovery steps will need to be completed.

Via a drug and alcohol rehab in Kings Lynn, or the surrounding area, essential steps and milestones can be worked through to tackle the deeply ingrained development of addiction.


Experiencing our offering of rehab here at Asana Lodge

Accepting support via a drug and alcohol rehab in Kings Lynn is a good starting point, however we can vouch for an even greater experience here at Asana Lodge.

While we’re located outside of your local area, we promote residential rehab with a difference, by providing personal rehab programmes for all clients.

By looking into your vulnerabilities, by considering your causation, and by assessing your drug and alcohol addiction history, we can form a rehab programme that will help you recover and rebuild.

As the majority of addictions do begin through emotional and mental vulnerabilities, we place emphasis on brain restoration, with the aim to work through those sensitivities. This will ensure that greater recovery rates can be experienced yet will also support the relapse prevention planning stage of rehab.

Understandably, you may have worries about leaving home for rehab. Yet, this will be the best route to remove yourself from your causations and triggers, to place full focus on your drug and alcohol rehabilitation journey.


Holistic recovery with long-term, maintainable results

Addiction recovery through our clinic falls way beyond standalone drug and alcohol withdrawal. We aim to improve the quality of life on a 360 level, by promoting holistic recovery efforts.

We follow this approach as results should be maintainable on a post-rehab basis. Without considering all areas of life, there’s a risk that your lifestyle or decisions could trigger drug and alcohol exposure, making it difficult to remain sober.

We aim for freedom, for all clients, on a long-term basis, by offering the opportunity to truly detach from drugs and alcohol.

You may not be aware of your causation, which is completely fine. On your admission, we will work to get to know you, along with your history of substance abuse to fully gauge how your habitual behaviours have materialised. From this standpoint, we can then promote safe and suitable forms of treatment and rehab to help you heal personally.

Contact our team at Asana Lodge if you’re open to looking beyond a drug and alcohol rehab in Kings Lynn for high-quality care, services and comprehensive programmes. A

gain, we appreciate that residential rehab is a big ask, yet we are prepared and experienced to guide you through your drug and alcohol problems, with strong long-term recovery capabilities.