Are you aware of how severe your drug and alcohol problems are? Do you feel like your consumption is normal, or are you worried that you’ve developed a new norm through excessive drug and alcohol exposure?

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Jersey

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It can be difficult to understand how severe your consumption is, especially while under the influence. However, it’s also important to have awareness of the signs of addiction, and how your habits may have changed, as an addiction can escalate rapidly.

With professional support, you can work to understand, you can work to suppress, and you can work to manage your problems, through addiction treatment, through long-term recovery efforts and through relapse prevention planning.

Recovery is about learning about yourself, is about learning to lead a lifestyle which devalues drug and alcohol exposure and is about learning to cope through stress management and healthy coping strategies.

Via a drug and alcohol rehab in Jersey, you can access such services. However, for the greatest insight, our scientific approach here at Asana Lodge is recommended. Reach out to work through your drug and alcohol problems/addiction, no matter how severe.


How bad are my drug and alcohol problems?

Has your drug and alcohol consumption levels increased over time? Are you experiencing side effects from consuming drugs and alcohol? Do you encounter withdrawal symptoms if your consumption levels do lower?

In order to understand how bad your problems are, it’s important to understand and measure the severity of such consequences. For example, if you’re suffering through physical and psychological side effects, if it’s evident when you’re working through withdrawal, and if your life has significantly changed down to your habit, this showcases a substantial drug and alcohol problem.

If you’re however managing to cope through day-to-day responsibilities, if withdrawal symptoms are irregular, and if you’re maintaining a quality life, your problem may be mild.

It is important to know where you stand, to gauge whether support and treatment will be necessary. Through an admission process, you’ll be able to pinpoint whether visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Jersey will be recommended.


Should I recover via a drug and alcohol rehab in Jersey?

If you do require professional interventive steps, such as addiction treatment, you can look to recover via a drug and alcohol rehab in Jersey. This will likely be your most familiar option to follow, with convenience and approachability in mind.

However, before pushing ahead, we encourage you to consider your needs while recovering from drug and alcohol abuse. Every type of addiction, every individual and every experience are different, meaning that diverse offerings of rehab will be suitable. For example, if you’re struggling mentally, opting for a rehab clinic which promotes dual diagnosis treatment will serve you better than a conveniently located treatment centre.

It’s also important to note how well you cope through your reality, as for some, remaining within touching distance of such reality can deter recovery. If your problems are complex, if you’re worried about privacy, or if you feel significantly influenced by your lifestyle, you can look beyond a drug and alcohol rehab in Jersey. Our rehab clinic at Asana Lodge can facilitate this for you, through residential rehab, to help you understand and work through your personal problems.


What will deter my recovery?

There are many factors which can deter your recovery. Firstly, entering rehab with the idea that it’s a quick fix, without a recovery driven mindset, without awareness of its intentions and what’s ahead, without knowledge of your addiction type and without commitment. You need to be ready for addiction recovery, no matter whether you select a drug and alcohol rehab in Jersey or further afield.

Secondly, selecting the wrong rehab clinic and programme can deter your recovery, as you’ll likely be following an unsuitable path. You need to secure a drug and alcohol rehabilitation experience that will cater to your needs and deliver.

Thirdly, seeing rehab as a short-term investment can affect your mindset, making it hard to sustain recovery back in Jersey. You’ll need to commit to long-term recovery and the effort that is necessary after completing drug and alcohol rehab.

Lastly, discrediting or overlooking rehab recommendations can deter your acceptance of rehab, subsequently your recovery capabilities. You should trust, accept and embrace all addiction treatment recommendations, along with post-rehab steps. Rehab is designed to promote recovery, which if you allow it to work for you, you can look to recover.

We do not want any of our clients to experience such deterring effects. This is why we complete accurate assessments to secure the suitability of our services and ensure that a personal rehab programme can be designed for you to instead promote progress.


How can I access professional help?

Professional help will be available to you on a 24/7 basis. Through our drug rehab clinic, we are here to guide you from the moment you reach out. You can get in touch for support, without any obligation. You can also reach out to push ahead with your rehab admission process, where we will get to know you on a confidential basis.

It’s very important that you understand how severe your problems are with drugs and alcohol, to be able to accept the right type and level of support that you need. We can help with this, while also recommending and facilitating your rehabilitation and drug and alcohol detox experience.

Such processes will likely be available via a drug and alcohol rehab in Jersey. Yet, what sets us apart is the scientific outlook we follow, helping to fully understand the underlying issues and responses of drug and alcohol abuse. Offering assurance, accuracy and personalisation, you can experience professional help through our helpline.


Will the severity of my addiction make it harder to recover?

The severity of your addiction can cause disruptions. For example, if you suffer with mental health issues, down to excessive drug and alcohol consumption, greater treatment for a dual diagnosis will be required.

A further example is that some drugs are harder to withdraw from, meaning that depending on your consumption, your withdrawal symptoms may be stronger.

All in all, completing rehab can carry its challenges, yet they are worthwhile obstacles to work through. A personalised plan will be formed to help ease your process and ensure that an effective and progressive encounter of rehab can be experienced.

Rehab is accommodating for all, no matter how severe an addiction may be. You’ll experience such offering via a drug and alcohol rehab in Jersey. Yet to fully understand your addiction makeup, and how to manage it, select Asana Lodge.