When you are confronted with the whole host of addiction treatment options available to you, it can be quite overwhelming while trying to figure out which will be the most beneficial treatment programme for you.

However, Asana Lodge’s professional drug and alcohol treatment services structure their care around you and your needs, which sets us apart from the majority of addiction treatment providers.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Isle of Man

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There may be the hope for you to go through the recovery process all alone. However, achieving a long-term recovery by trying to get clean this way is highly unlikely, and there are countless benefits involved in depending upon addiction treatment specialists throughout the rehab admission process and recovery process

Furthermore, these benefits will not stop making themselves apparent once your time in our care is over. The form of personalised and varied treatments which we implement here at Asana Lodge will make sure that you are prepared for the rest of your life post-rehab, meaning you can not only get clean but you can start experiencing a more successful and gratifying quality of life on the whole.

With the help of our addiction specialists’ guidance, we will be able to gauge how visiting one of our drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres in the Isle of Man can best benefit you.

Our dedicated teams of staff will assist you in preparing for a stay at a residential rehab while also making your admission into one of our facilities as quick and easy as possible. All you need to do to get the ball rolling on this today is call us on 01908 489 421.


The Benefits of A Residential Rehab In The Isle Of Man

As we discussed above, it is very natural for a person to be overwhelmed by the wealth of addiction treatment options that there are out there. And, it is only natural that you may be tempted to favour a  free course of addiction treatment through services such as the National Health Service.

Although, we strongly believe that here at Asana Lodge, we are offering a treatment programme that will benefit you the most by building a unique treatment plan with you at the heart of it.

First of all, if you are in the Isle Of Man then it is only natural that you will be want to find a treatment programme which will be local to you. However, it is also important to realise that sometimes moving further away from your home environment can yield much more positive results.

Fortunately, Asana Lodge operates in areas across the UK, and so this might be something which you will benefit from discussing with our helpline staff. We want to find the recovery route which is best for you, and so this will be something that we take into consideration during your admission process.

Regardless, what you will benefit from at Asana Lodge’s local drug and/or alcohol rehab centres, however, is a warm and inviting atmosphere that is specifically designed around positivity and recovery.

Carefully structured treatment plans designed around you, safety and security, and comfort will all work together to form the perfect location to overcome an addiction — be it a longstanding addiction or a newfound affliction.

Our staff will be on hand 24/7 to help you stay on the right track, while also providing housekeeping services, home-cooked meals, and medical support where necessary.


Why Is Residential Drug And Alcohol Treatment So Effective?

Aside from the benefits mentioned above, the benefit of private residential rehab is the fact that your treatment will be able to follow a very rigorous, strictly managed, and intensive plan — something which simply cannot be replicated in an outpatient programme.

While this may sound extreme, the need for round-the-clock care and monitoring is imperative during the initial stages of drug and/or alcohol rehabilitation.

This constant care can be particularly necessary when you’re in the initial stages of your recovery, due to the danger that is associated with alcohol withdrawal and/or drug withdrawal.

Physical addiction treatment at our detox clinic will mean that the shock that your body experiences during detoxification can be managed and monitored, and therefore the unsettling side effects can be less threatening to your life. Many people have lost their life from detoxification, and so it is important not to take this process lightly.

It is additionally important to highlight that a holistic recovery is needed to forge a long-term recovery — one which is based around a complete, total mental rebuilding and realigning.

While you will experience a personalised treatment plan (something which we are very proud of in our approach to addiction treatment) some of our most popular and successful treatments include the likes of; Satori Chair Therapy, NAD+ Therapy, Managing Stress Classes, Dual-Diagnosis Therapy (for dealing with any other mental health issues which your addiction may have been unknowingly masking), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), and Relapse Prevention.

Treating your body and your brain will mean that all facets of your drug and/or alcohol addiction can be managed. The coping mechanisms that you learn about during your time with us will also help you to stop returning to old negative habits when you are in your everyday life.

These coping mechanisms will form a large part of your relapse prevention training — which is largely based around retraining your brain and how your brain approaches the concept of addiction.


Don’t Delay In Getting Your Recovery Plan In Motion Today

Only you can make the phone call and get your life back on track, so don’t delay any longer. Countless people each year let their life continue to be ruined and controlled by drug and/or alcohol addiction while convincing themselves that they will just have one more “hit” or “drink.”

Don’t put off turning your life around any longer, call us today on 01908 489 421 and let us help you along the road to recovery. Alternatively, if you’re here are you are concerned about the drug tendencies or alcoholism of a loved one then simply as our helpline staff about our family and friend referral scheme.