If you’re based in Ireland, running through your entire drug and alcohol rehabilitation options, at Asana Lodge, we are here for you with our residential rehab programmes.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Ireland

Naturally, those looking to recover will gravitate towards a certain type of drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

For some, this will be free treatment services, for others this will be localised recovery via a private drug and alcohol rehab in Ireland, and for further individuals, residential rehab will be favoured.

This variation is down to personal preferences, comfort levels and accessible resources.

Although this is understandable to see, those initial decisions must be backed with suitability and safety.

For example, those who prefer the idea of localised recovery via private rehab may not be able to cope around drug and alcohol exposures, resulting in the discouragement of an Ireland based clinic.

With this in mind, doing your research and reaching out to addiction professionals is recommended, helping you understand potential recovery probabilities.

Reach out to our team today for more information on our holistic alcohol and drug rehab in Towcester, ideal for residential rehab programmes.


Why select Private Rehab?

Although personal preferences will likely cloud your initial decision, if you are aiming for long-term recovery and feel ready to recover, the selection of private rehab is encouraged.

Free treatment services are available and can work for some individuals.

Yet as great strain is placed on the NHS, it can be difficult to access immediate addiction treatment, causing delays. This will hinder your readiness to recover, ultimately pausing your current opportunity of drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

A further option which many users do attempt is independent drug and alcohol withdrawal. Again, it’s easy to see why, down to privacy and low commitments. However, what you put into your withdrawal process will impact your end recovery results.

As a result of this, unsafe, ineffective and unstable recovery results are likely, down to the challenges of lone withdrawal.

In addition, recovering from a physical and psychological addiction will be impossible without holistic and specialist addiction treatment.

With this in mind, if you are hoping to remain local, you are left with the sought-after and highly valuable option of a private drug and alcohol rehab in Ireland, helping you access support on an immediate basis, helping you recover efficiently, and helping you reach long-term recovery via a comprehensive rehabilitation programme.


The Benefits of looking beyond a Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Ireland

Although private rehab is recommended above, it is important that you consider your options when focusing on location.

While selecting a private drug and alcohol rehab in Ireland will offer convenience, especially when considering your initial transition, there are many benefits of looking beyond your local area.

Firstly, you will have the chance to remove yourself from current drug and alcohol influences. Remaining in Ireland can carry familiarity, resurfacing the likes of social, emotional or environmental triggers.

Secondly, residential rehab, set away from home can be experienced, where you’ll have access to leading addiction treatments, an intense and efficient rehab programme, specialist care, and idyllic environments to recover from.

Lastly, by considering a rehab clinic further afield, you’ll have the opportunity to visit our specialist clinic here in Towcester.

Providing a unique approach to addiction recovery, we can help you recover from within, helping your future reality reflect this, without drugs and alcohol.

Although selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Ireland may feel natural, localised recovery can cause some challenges, even when residential programmes are recommended.

By providing yourself with greater privacy and distance, you can focus on your key aim of drug and alcohol rehabilitation here at Asana Lodge.


Treating Addiction here at Asana Lodge

At Asana Lodge, we are a holistic alcohol and drug rehab, following a different approach to other treatment centres.

Down to our clear understanding of addiction and its brain illness identity, we appreciate the value of personal experiences and needs.

As it’s a complex brain illness to treat, down to fluctuating causations, motivations and side effects, it’s imperative that we work to tackle the underlying fuel of drug and alcohol consumption.

To truly treat your drug and alcohol addiction, we will complete clinical assessments, measuring social, psychological, environmental and biological weaknesses.

Here we will understand how drug and alcohol exposure is responded to on physical and psychological levels. With this clear indication, we can then form a personal rehab programme, full of high-quality addiction treatments.

You can experience anything from a drug and alcohol detox and brain restoration, to nutritional support, NAD+ therapy and exposure therapy.

The aim is to promote withdrawal from drugs and alcohol while transforming your psychological association and experiences.


Expected Processes of Drug and Alcohol Rehab

If you favour our clinic and our residential offering, over a drug and alcohol rehab in Ireland, you can start the process by reaching out.

From here, we can begin your assessment, helping to guide the way on your drug and alcohol rehabilitation journey.

Please be reassured that assessments are efficient, ensuring that you can access addiction treatment at a rapid rate.

Once the makeup of your addiction has been gauged and we know how to treat it, addiction treatments will begin, relapse prevention will begin, along with further beneficial services, helping to improve your quality of life.

This will likely be experienced over a 28-day period, helping you truly benefit from drug and alcohol rehabilitation on a holistic level.

When you reach initial recovery, a return home to Ireland will be encouraged, where you’ll experience aftercare.

Via a drug and alcohol rehab in Ireland, you’ll have access to ongoing addiction treatments and support groups, assisting with your motivation and accountability levels.

Through this process, you can recover from addiction and build strong foundations to maintain long-term recovery.

To do so efficiently, we urge you to select a private drug and alcohol rehab, carrying significant benefits.

If you have any questions before embarking on your time of drug and alcohol rehabilitation, reach out today.

We are ready to assist you and strengthen your opportunity for freedom.