Reactive Depression Treatment

Reactive depression is one of the many types of depressions that individuals across the world are known to struggle with on a daily basis.

Often arising from stressful periods, reactive depression is a short-term form of depression that requires treatment if it is to be overcome.

Reactive Depression Treatment

However, due to a lack of knowledge surrounding each of the many types of depressions, reactive depression treatment is often overlooked.

Sadly, when reactive depression treatment is not sought, many individuals find it virtually impossible to overcome the stressful periods that they face.  As a result, many people struggle with a number of the side effects associated with reactive depression.

If you believe that your life has become impaired by reactive depression, you must secure reactive depression treatment as soon as possible.


Reactive Depression Treatment At Asana Lodge

At Asana Lodge, we provide a wealth of highly effective treatments to those that find their lives controlled by reactive depression.

Below, you will find just a few of the reactive depression treatments that are frequently incorporated into our treatment programmes.


Psychological Therapy

Offered on a one-to-one and group basis, psychological therapy will assist you as you look to uncover the factors that cause your reactive depression to arise.

Psychological therapy will also encourage you to change how you perceive certain situations which may cause you to experience reactive depression. In turn, you will gradually find that you adopt a more positive and optimistic outlook on life.


Well-Being Therapy

Yoga, meditation, mindfulness sessions, art therapy, drama therapy and self-help sessions are just a few of the well-being therapies that are incorporated into our reactive depression treatment programmes.

Combined with psychological therapy, well-being therapy offers an additional outlet for individuals to express and come to terms with their reactive depression.



As you enter our rehab and complete your admissions assessment, our team of psychologists may recommend incorporating medication into your reactive depression treatment programme.


Aftercare Support

As you complete your time in our rehab, you may believe that you will be left to continue to recover alone.  However, this is not true.

At Asana Lodge, we provide 12-months of free aftercare support to those who have completed a reactive depression treatment programme at our centre.

Aftercare support will see you encouraged to attend weekly group therapy sessions.  These sessions will allow you to discuss your recovery and any obstacles you have had to overcome.

If necessary, we will also ensure that you have the opportunity to take advantage of cognitive behavioural therapy on a one-to-one basis.  This will help you navigate any testing times that you face as you resume your everyday life.


Call Us Today To Secure Reactive Depression Treatment

Whether you would like to find out more about our reactive depression treatment or determine whether reactive depression treatment could assist you as you look to enhance your mental well-being, we welcome you to contact our admissions team today.

On hand to answer your questions and offer support and guidance, our admissions team will ensure that you have all of the information you need regarding reactive depression treatment.

If you find that you are ready to secure reactive depression treatment, our admissions team can also help you refer yourself for treatment at our rehab.


Our Frequently Asked Questions

At Asana Lodge, we hope that the information provided above will have helped you find out more about the reactive depression treatment available at our residential rehab.

If you find that you still have some unanswered questions, it may be worth reviewing the answers to our frequently asked questions that we have shared below.

What Is Reactive Depression Treatment?

Reactive depression treatment is a form of treatment provided to individuals that find themselves struggling with reactive depression. Usually combining many different treatment options, those that secure reactive depression treatment often find that they are required to complete a treatment programme that spans at least 28-days. Aftercare is also offered as a form of effective reactive depression treatment.  As touched on above, aftercare is provided as an individual completes reactive depression treatment to ensure that recovery can be continued and maintained.

What Are The Different Reactive Depression Treatment Options?

Usually, treatments for reactive depression include psychological therapy, well-being therapy and medication. Psychological therapy sees individuals progress through cognitive behavioural therapy, while well-being therapy encourages individuals to participate in activities such as yoga and meditation. As touched on above, medication such as antidepressants may be prescribed if required. Please note that the treatment you receive will depend on the severity of your depression.

How Is Reactive Depression Treatment Administered?

Reactive depression treatment is often administered via the use of talking therapies, such as those outlined above.   However, if you require medication, this will be administered orally in tablet form.   If we believe that Satori Chair Therapy will assist you as you progress through reactive depression treatment, you will be welcomed to take advantage of our ZRO Wellness System.  Unlike therapy and medication, Satori Chair Therapy will encourage you to relax and enter a meditative state.  Doing so will help the chemicals in your brain realign and create balance. This will essentially assist you as you look to adopt healthy and positive behaviours.

How Long Does It Take To Complete Reactive Depression Treatment?

At Asana Lodge, our reactive depression treatment programmes often span 28-days.  However, the severity of your condition and the progress you make during your time in our rehab will determine just how long it will take you to complete reactive depression treatment. With this in mind, it is difficult to determine precisely how long it will take you to complete treatment. Although this may be disheartening, we would encourage you to remember that reactive depression treatment cannot be rushed. Sadly, if you rush reactive depression treatment, it may not be as effective.  If your reactive depression treatment is not as effective, you will be at risk of struggling with the disorder later in life.  You may also find yourself subject to other mental health disorders such as anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder.