Eating Disorder

Eating disorder treatment at Asana Lodge is tailored to the individual and their needs.

Based in Towcester in the Northamptonshire countryside, our luxury treatment centre is a space where clients can rest, reset and recover.

We don’t just treat the physical symptoms, our aim is to help people with eating disorders discover why they developed the condition, and how they can overcome it and avoid relapse in the long term.

Our team are experienced in using evidence-based therapies to assist in the treatment of eating disorders. We also have our own on-site chef who creates nutritious meals as part of every client’s recovery.

Identifying An Eating Disorder

Asana Lodge work with individuals with a wide range of eating disorders. Anorexia and bulimia are among the most common diagnoses, but we also work with those who are compulsive binge eaters, and those who have other specified feeding or eating disorders (OSFED), which accounts for about 50% of people seeking eating disorder treatment. OSFED can involve aspects of different types of eating disorders, so it can be difficult to diagnosis.

It’s often loved ones who first notice there may be a problem with someone’s eating, whether it’s a sudden weight loss or gain, obsession with food, worsening mental illness or low self-esteem. It can be difficult for those with an eating disorder to admit they have a problem, as they often don’t see their body the same way that you do. That’s why if you suspect an eating disorder in a loved one, it’s important to seek professional help as soon as possible.

Eating disorders are often associated with young women, and while they most commonly begin in adolescence, there are increasing numbers of people being diagnosed in later life. There has also been a rise in the number of men being diagnosed, with many experts blaming the pressures of social media and popular culture.

Signs of an Easting Disorder

Undergoing Eating Disorder Treatment

Eating disorder treatment at Asana Lodge isn’t just about helping a client gain weight, or just teaching them about healthy eating, although these goals may be part of their treatment plan. When you stay with us, you undergo intensive therapy that can help you uncover the root of your issues, as well as your triggers and the impact that the condition is having on you. This is an essential part of treating eating disorders, as it helps you gain control and avoid relapses in future.

The type of treatment you undergo will depend on your specific needs, but is likely to include:

  • Individual therapy sessions such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • Group therapy with other clients
  • Satori Chair Therapy
  • Virtual Reality Therapy
  • Creative Art Therapy
  • Intravenous Nutritional Therapies
  • Family therapy
  • Nutritional advice
  • Complementary and alternative therapies

When you arrive at Asana Lodge, we’ll carry out a full assessment of your health, discussing both the physical and any mental health conditions you might be suffering from, which will allow you to get a treatment plan to suit you.

Choosing Residential Treatment

Residential treatment can be a very effective way to deal with a feeding or eating disorder. This is because there’s an entire team on hand to take care of you or your loved one, ensuring that they stay on track. While in residential treatment, the client will have supported meals, which can help them get the right nutrients and become healthier. They’re also closely monitored by health professionals, so behaviour such as vomiting, taking laxatives or excessive exercise becomes very difficult.

Those with eating disorders can often benefit from some time away from home. These conditions can put a strain on relationships and lead to negative behaviour cycles, so residential treatment can often be a good choice as it gives everyone some breathing space. As a family member, you may be confused about your loved ones’ behaviour and want to find out the best way to support them, which is why we often suggest that family or partners come in for therapy sessions to facilitate these conversations.

Outcomes For Eating Disorders

With the right programme, tailored to the individual, eating disorder treatment can often have an excellent outcome. Many sufferers are able to change their eating habits for life, and by learning their triggers and relapse signs, they can keep on the right track. Some people need additional support when they leave Asana Lodge, so we’re happy to discuss aftercare, whether it’s group meetings or further individual therapy.

Seeking Help

It can be difficult to encourage those with an eating disorder to seek treatment, so you may need our professionals to help you stage an intervention. Once your loved one has agreed to seek help, the last thing you want is a long wait for help, which is why you might want to consider a stay at Asana Lodge.

You can self-refer and get a place in a matter of hours, and we’ll even take care of arrangements such as transport, ensuring that the client has nothing to worry about and can focus on their treatment. Delaying treatment can often lead to a worsening disorder, put further strain on the body, and can even be fatal, which is why so many people seek private treatment programmes.

If you or a loved one are seeking eating disorder treatment, then speak to the team at Asana Lodge today to find out whether our treatment programmes are right for you. Simply call us on 01908 489 421 or e-mail and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible