Valium Addiction Treatment & Rehab

Valium, or Diazepam as it is medically referred to as, is a prescription medication used to treat anxiety, muscle spasms and seizures.

As Valium belongs to a group of sedative drugs called Benzodiazepines, side effects experienced upon consuming Valium include reduced brain function and drowsiness.

Known to be extremely addictive, Valium can cause addictions to arise when consumed over a substantial period. As a result, medical professionals advise against consuming the prescription drug for longer than four weeks.

When a Valium addiction arises, Valium addiction treatment & rehab must be sought. It is important that treatment is secured as soon as possible due to the short and long-term side effects Valium addictions have.

Here at Asana Lodge, we provide almost immediate Valium addiction treatment at our private drug and alcohol rehab. To find out more about our Valium addiction treatment & rehab facilities, or to refer yourself for treatment, contact us today.

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Rehab Options For Valium Addiction

Across the United Kingdom, Valium addiction treatment & rehab is available via many different providers such as the NHS rehabs and private rehabs.


NHS Rehabs

NHS rehabs provide free treatment options for Valium addiction. The treatment options typically administered via an NHS rehab include one-to-one therapy and group therapy.

While one-to-one and group therapies remain beneficial, treatment must be personalised to the needs of each individual. However, as NHS rehab resources are limited, personalised treatment programmes are commonly overlooked.

As NHS rehabs only typically offer outpatient rehab, individuals that opt to secure treatment via their local doctor are not required to commit as much time to their treatment, nor are they required to complete intense treatment programmes. While this flexibility is often considered a benefit of NHS treatment, addiction treatment requires commitment if a long-term recovery is to be made.


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Private Rehabs

Private rehabs offer Valium addiction treatment & rehab options to individuals across the world. Though private rehabilitation comes at a cost, the treatment provided is personalised to each individual’s addiction and recovery needs. This ensures that those who secure Valium addiction treatment can secure a long-term recovery.

Although some private rehabs do offer outpatient treatment, most private rehabs administer treatment on an inpatient basis.

Inpatient treatment sees those in recovery remain in their chosen rehab throughout the duration of their treatment. This not only increases success rates, but it ensures that many can recuperate from the ramifications of addiction in a safe and secure place.

Irrespective of whether an NHS or private rehab is attended, the aim of treatment is to help those struggling with addictions overcome their dependency and obtain a future free from addiction.

Valium Addiction Treatment At Asana Lodge

When a Valium addiction is present, a clinical assessment must be conducted to assess the severity of addiction and the impact of addiction before administering treatment. Clinical assessments at Asana Lodge see our medical and recovery support teams come together to evaluate the best course of treatment for our clients.

Following a clinical assessment, personalised treatment programmes are devised. Though the treatments incorporated into our programmes are dependent on many factors, detoxification and rehabilitation form the foundation of each of our programmes.

Valium Detoxification

Detoxification, or detox as it is otherwise known, is the first stage of treatment encountered at our rehab. Medically induced, detoxification is administered under the watchful eye of our medical team and ensures that our clients withdraw from Valium in a safe space.


Withdrawing from Valium is a vital part of treatment as it essentially helps the brain and body recover from the physical and psychological effects of addiction.

Detoxification programmes at Asana Lodge usually take seven days to complete. However, as withdrawing from Valium can take up to two weeks, detoxification treatment can be accessed for as long as needed.

Valium RehabilitationAmytal Addiction Treatment & Rehab.png

As a Valium detoxification programme is completed, rehabilitation is started. Rehabilitation at our rehab includes various forms of psychological and well-being therapies. Counselling is also available.

Although we offer therapies such as stress management, bereavement counselling, trauma counselling and NLP, cognitive behavioural therapy is widely used in addiction treatment.

This particular therapy helps those in recovery understand the cause of their Valium addiction and ensures that negative behaviours and thoughts can be overcome.

In some instances, mental health treatment is required when a Valium addiction arises. As a result, dual diagnosis treatment is often incorporated into our Valium rehabilitation programmes.

Combining psychological treatments that are used to treat addictions with well-being therapies such as mindfulness, addictions and mental health disorders, including depression and anxiety, can be overcome simultaneously with our specialist support.

Aftercare For Valium Addictions

As an individual’s time in our rehab concludes, aftercare plans and relapse prevention programmes are created to ensure that the transition between inpatient rehab treatment and recovery at home is effortless.

Considering factors such as an individual’s financial circumstances, life at home and career, suitable recommendations and additional support can be supplied.

Our aftercare includes 12-months of free group therapy sessions and support groups. We also offer one-to-one cognitive behavioural therapy should it be needed.

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At Asana Lodge, we provide industry-leading Valium addiction treatment & rehab services. Although we aim to help as many individuals as we can, our treatment remains in high demand.


To secure a place at our rehab, please contact us today. In doing so, you can commence treatment within just a matter of days.


What Causes Valium Addiction?

Valium addictions arise from factors such as mental health problems and genetics. However, many Valium addictions arise when recommended doses of Valium are no longer effective. In this instance, larger quantities of Valium are consumed, and the brain becomes reliant on the drug.

How Successful Is Valium Addiction Treatment & Rehab?

Valium addiction treatment & rehab is extremely successful. Individuals that secure treatment either at our rehab or an outpatient rehab can overcome their addictions. However, many argue that Valium addiction treatment & rehab is only successful when an individual commits to a long-term recovery.

How Long Does Valium Treatment Last?

Valium treatment at our residential rehab lasts between 28 and 90 days. While many of our client’s complete treatment within 28 days, some require treatment for longer due to the severity of their addiction and their response to treatment.