Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment & Rehab

Each year in the United Kingdom, 11.5 million adults are prescribed medication to combat illnesses, pain, sleep problems and mental health disorders.

Among the most common Prescription Drugs prescribed each year are Codeine, Tramadol, Morphine and Aspirin.

Although harmless when medical advice and guidance is followed, Prescription Drug abuse has soared in recent years, with medical professionals stating that Prescription Drug addictions are becoming as problematic as illegal drug addictions.

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What Causes A Prescription Drug Addiction?

Prescription Drug addictions often arise when Prescription Drugs are consumed for longer than medical professionals recommend them.

Typically, Prescription Drugs such as those used to treat sleep disorders are only recommended for a short period. This is because Prescription Drugs can be extremely addictive.

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If Prescription Drugs are required to treat long-term illnesses, most prescriptions only provide a three-month supply.

Furthermore, when frequently consumed, tolerance to Prescription Drugs increases. This essentially means to take advantage of the effects that Prescription Drugs provide, a greater volume of drugs must be consumed. However, this is not safe nor recommended.

Sadly, when larger volumes of Prescription Drugs are required, dependencies arise, and addictions come to impair the lives of many.

We Provide Treatment For A Wide Range Of Prescription Drugs

At Asana Lodge, we provide treatment for a wide range of Prescription Drugs. Below, we have outlined just a few of the Prescription Drug addictions we treat at our residential rehab.

  • Tramadol addictions
  • Codeine addictions
  • Fentanyl addictions
  • Restoril addictions
  • Valium addictions
  • Ambien addictions

Treatment For Prescription Drug Addiction

Treatment for Prescription Drug addictions often includes detoxification, rehabilitation and aftercare support. If necessary, dual diagnosis is also provided to those who require Prescription Drug addiction and mental health treatment.

While these treatments are commonly administered when Prescription Drug addiction treatment & rehab is required, at Asana Lodge, we tailor our treatment offerings to the needs of each of our clients.

This ensures that recovery can be maintained in the weeks, months and years following Prescription Drug addiction treatment & rehab.

Tailored Treatment Programmes At Asana Lodge

Focusing on healing the mind and body, our tailored treatment programmes incorporate treatments such as drug detox, drug rehab, psychological therapies, well-being therapies and dual diagnosis treatment, should it be needed.

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Each stage of our treatment programmes help our clients combat their Prescription Drug addictions, ultimately enabling them to defeat the addiction that has controlled their life. In turn, many go on to make a long-term recovery, free from the shackles of addiction.

Detoxification, for example, initiates the withdrawal process that removes harmful toxins from the brain and body.

While detoxification can be unconformable as withdrawal symptoms come hand-in-hand, this is a vital stage in Prescription Drug addiction treatment & rehab. Without drug detox, dependencies and cravings cannot be overcome.

Following detoxification, Prescription Drug rehab is encountered. Within this stage of treatment, psychological and well-being therapies are administered to help those in recovery come to terms with their addiction.

While the therapies provided are dependent on the personal needs of our clients, those who attend our drug and alcohol rehab for Prescription Drug addiction treatment & rehab can expect to encounter at least one of the following therapies.

  • Satori Chair Therapy
  • NAD+ Therapy
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy
  • Bereavement counselling
  • Trauma counselling
  • Abuse counselling
  • Stress management
  • Family therapy
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness
  • Art, drama and music therapy
  • Relaxation and sleep management
  • Low-level laser therapy

In addition to detoxification and rehabilitation, our treatment programmes equip our clients with an aftercare plan.

Aftercare plans are also tailored to the needs of our clients. However, the majority of aftercare treatment includes group therapy and recovery support groups.

Should you attend our rehab for Prescription Drug addiction treatment & rehab, upon completing your treatment programme, you will have access to 12-months of aftercare support. We encourage all of our clients to take advantage of this additional support. Without it, the risk of relapse is much greater.

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If you require help, please contact us today. At Asana Lodge, we can provide immediate support and guidance, and we can offer you a place at our residential rehab where you will have the opportunity to commence Prescription Drug addiction treatment & rehab within a short period.

While taking the first step in securing Prescription Drug addiction treatment & rehab can be daunting, doing so will ensure that you can overcome your struggles and preserve your life.



What Causes A Prescription Drug Addiction?

Many factors contribute to the emergence of Prescription Drug addictions. However, consuming Prescription Drugs for a prolonged period is one of the leading causes. Underlying mental health disorders such as anxiety, depression, stress and trauma also contribute to the emergence of Prescription Drug addictions.

How Long Does Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment & Rehab Last?

Prescription Drug addiction treatment & rehab often lasts from 28 days up to 90 days. However, we do not recommend putting a time frame on treatment & rehab. When treatment is administered in our residential rehab, we continuously monitor how our clients respond to treatment. We also monitor the effects of treatment on their physical and psychological health to ensure that treatment is successful. In some instances, some of our clients respond very well to Prescription Drug treatment and can leave our rehab within 28 days. However, some clients require treatment for much longer.

How To Notice The Early Warning Signs Of A Prescription Drug Addiction?

The early warning signs of a Prescription Drug addiction include frequently consuming Prescription Drugs, relying on Prescription Drugs and requiring larger doses of Prescription Drugs to overcome illnesses. Many individuals that display the early warning signs of Prescription Drug addiction will attempt to order medication online and will continue taking the medication even when a medical professional advises against doing so. In addition, the early warning signs of Prescription Drug addiction include short term side effects, such as nausea, headaches, insomnia, anxiety, paranoia, irritability and mood swings.