Heroin Addiction

The Effects of Heroin Addiction

Signs and symptoms of a heroin dependency include a number of behavioural, physical and psychological side effects. If your addiction is severe, life limiting effects can be caused. Symptoms of consistent heroin abuse include the inability to maintain relationships and work, poor nutrition, respiratory problems and a weakened immune system. Please be aware that side effects can differ from person to person, from minor, short-term to chronic, life-threatening disorders.

One of the greatest dangers of a heroin addiction is long-term brain damage. Naturally, a healthy brain will produce natural opioids, aiding high functionality. As individual’s consume greater quantities of heroin, natural opioids are slowly replaced with dangerous chemicals. This significantly influences oxygen levels, slowly killing receptors in the brain. Once this sets in, it is difficult to reverse any side effects. Therefore, if you are suffering with a heroin addiction, seek support through a local residential drug rehab centre before greater damage is caused.

Here at Asana Lodge, we specialise in supporting clients through addiction therapeutic treatment and clinical detoxes, designed to promote long-term recovery. We can support you through overcoming your heroin addiction and reverse the associated health risks experienced.


Treatment In Place To Support Those With A Heroin Addiction

Whether you’re currently living with a short or long-term heroin addiction, here at Asana Lodge, we promote industry leading addiction treatments at our leading, luxury rehab centre. Of course, rehabilitation can be attempted by anyone. However, for long-term probable recovery, utilising the best tools possible is required.

That’s what makes our offering different. We have a team of specialists dedicated to utilising effective methods to work through your addiction recovery.

While visiting our luxury rehab centre, you will receive a variety of treatments, focusing on tackling your psychological and physical connections to heroin. See a breakdown of the addiction treatment methods recommended below:

– Medication:

This is a favoured treatment method used to help individuals with chronic addictions. A number of medications are used to subsidise the effects of heroin, helping individuals slowly reduce consumption. This method must be overseen by a medical expert.

– Cognitive Behavioural Therapy:

In order to tackle the psychological connection clients have to heroin, cognitive behavioural therapy will be recommended. This treatment helps clients work on their mindset and change their perspective on drug consumption.

– Motivational Therapy:

For many individuals suffering with an addiction, motivation to prosper in different areas of their life is lacking. Their focus is on their addiction. These sessions will help clients develop motivation to take positive steps to transform their future.

– Individual and Family Therapy:

Although this method can be difficult for some individuals as they struggle to open up, it is a significant treatment to complete. Discussing your addiction and its effects will help your family members understand your heroin consumption greater, along with working on any related mental health issues.

– Heroin Detox:

This addiction treatment is highly successful for individuals suffering with a heroin dependency. Although this is a difficult step when considering rehabilitation, it is vital to achieve long-term recovery. All drugs will slowly be flushed out of your system, slowly reducing both physical and psychological cravings. Here you will experience heroin withdrawal symptoms, therefore, visiting a residential rehab centre is recommended for ease and greater support.

A combination of the above addiction treatments will be recommended to fully diminish your heroin fixation. We will cater treatments to fit your personal requirements, ensuring that treatment is effective for you. We will assess your progress throughout to ensure that treatments are suitable and are supporting you effectively.

Post rehab we will also offer outclient treatment to help promote greater recovery. We will recommend regular support groups, along with implementing your relapse prevention knowledge to reduce any temptation. Please be reassured that we will continue to support you once you’ve left our rehab centre. We are passionate about prolonging service to ensure you’ve transitioned back into reality, armed with effective tools.

Heroin Addiction

The Benefits of Residential Heroin Rehab

Have you ever attempted to overcome an addiction yourself? Here at Asana Lodge, we promote residential rehab to move you away from your current temptation. We understand how difficult rehabilitation can be. Therefore, our rehab offering will provide you with the time and focus to overcome your heroin addiction.

By seeking support through residential rehab, you will also benefit from continuous expert support from our addiction specialists. Our team are hand-picked, professionals with years of experience of helping individuals just like you. No matter what you need, our team are on hand to support you from your initial enquiry, straight through to your outclient treatment.

Additionally, you will receive a combination of our industry leading addiction treatments, providing you with the care and support to heal your mind and body post heroin. We believe that the treatments you experience will significantly improve your recovery ability, along with reducing your rehab timeframe. This along with our support will provide you with a hand held approach to recovery.

If you are searching for a luxury rehab centre where you will receive expert support and treatment, consider Asana Lodge today. We specialise in helping individuals through alcohol and drug addiction, mental health issues and eating disorders recover and rejuvenate. Get in touch with our admissions team today to discuss how our residential offering will benefit you through this difficult time. We will help to transform your outlook on heroin consumption, along with providing you with healthy steps to continue recovery.

Take the first step today to a drug-free future by investing in yourself. We will provide you with everything you need once you make the initial enquiry. Whether you’re concerned about a loved one and their consumption, or are experiencing negative side effects yourself, get in touch today.